Kawneer Distribution Services

Additional Kawneer services include:

Project take-off and material optimization

Send us your architectural drawings or ftp link and we will provide the exact Kawneer materials required for a competitive bid. No More Guessing!

Design and Build Assist

Have an owner or architect with budget problems? Call us for economic Kawneer solutions to solve design cost concerns.

Job specific submittal packages

As a Kawneer distributer, we will provide the exact product data to streamline the submittal process.

Shop drawings and engineering

Tired of generic shop drawings with limited details? As a Kawneer distributer we provide shop drawings with a complete list of parts and accessories. If required, we can also provide calculations and an engineering stamp by an approved Kawneer Distribution engineer.

Glass sizes

When required, we can provide glass sizes using approved Kawneer distributed calculations and formulas.

Installation instructions

If you are unsure of how to install a Kawneer system, we distribute Kawneer certified installation manuals.

Warranty packages

As a Kawneer distributer, we provide job specific warranty packages complete with maintenance manuals for delivery to the owner.